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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Give Thanks

I am thankful for...

... the never-ending love and support of my husband even when I'm driving him crazy, the house is a wreck, and we've run out of milk (again!).

... my two sons who never fail to surprise & delight me with their antics

... my wonderful parents, my older brother & his wife, my younger sister, and my in-laws, for their love and support

... surprise moments like this morning when the boys climb into bed with us and start a tickle fight at 6:30 am, or yesterday when my youngest, on the changing table, said with a huge grin, "Mommy, my poop came out and played on the playground of my butt!"

... the iVillage South Beach Diet board, where I am a Community Leader -- it's made my 40s better than any decade before!!! :-)

... finding glimmers of success with my new Stampin' Up! business, and the crafters I've discovered through blogs & websites -- an amazingly generous community of artists & teachers

... finally finding a *really great* hair stylist who gives me awesome haircuts & highlights EVERY TIME!!!

... foot rubs every Sunday night

... the Couch 2 5K podcast!!!!!

... USTA tennis leagues

... cappuccino Soy Slender

1 comment:

Nancy Riley said...

Happy Thanksgiving Margaret! Thanks for sharing your thankful list! #4 is crackin' me up!