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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Here I Go!

Can't believe I'm starting this crazy adventure. I have just started a home-based business working with Stampin' Up! to introduce people to the art of rubber stamping. Less than a year ago, thanks to Joyce Perry, I began using Stampin' Up! products and was immediately hooked (just ask my husband!) Friends and family have benefited from my addiction, receiving celebration cards (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.), holiday cards, handmade stationery sets, and just plain thank you notes. The art of sending cards is not lost! And no, an e-mail does not suffice... So while my 3 year old is in nursery school, you'll find me in my sunroom studio creating new masterpieces (gulp!), working on my calendar of events, placing SU! orders and maybe, just maybe, picking up a toy or clearing out the dust bunnies. Hoping to get into the swing of this blogging thing too, so it can be a useful tool to me and my clients. How exciting!! Bloggers, here I come!


Katharine Williams said...

Grrrr, that's the hottest Stampin' Up! mom I've ever seen! (Potential clients, have no fear... I'm her little sister) Congrats, and most importantly, have FUN! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I can highly recommend Margaret as a terrific stamper, artist, mom, tennis player and all around fun person. Get down there right soon and learn to stamp... Dr. Robert C. Williams, Center Lovell ME.